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What do I get in my Triniconnection Package?  

* · Return bus TRANSPORT from Amsterdam to Rotterdam (optional)
* · Variety of FOOD (breakfast, lunch, snacks) throughout the parade
* · A Fabulous Costume
* · Roaming photographers to capture your boss moves on the road
* · Private security team to guarantee a safe carnival experience
* · HOT SOCA MUSIC from Trinidad and all Caribbean islands


When is my registration complete?

Your registration is complete once your deposit or full payment has cleared. You will receive a confirmation email.


Is the deposit refundable? 

All deposits are NON-refundable.


Am I allowed to customize my own custome? 



When is the last date for final payments? 

All costume payments must be made by July 1st.


Which payment options do I have? 

Paypal, banktransfer or  credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) 

Where can I view the Triniconnection's costumes? 

Costumes can be viewed on the website.


Can I order extra items with my costume? 

Unfortunately, the only extra items are the add-ons for each costume section. These are available when personalizing your costume.


What do I need for costume registration? 

Ladies:Bra Size (example 34B);Bottom Piece option; Bottom Piece Size;Belt Size (inches) ;Men:Waist Size (inches);Deposit; 

I'm unable to collect my costume, Can another person collect on my behalf?  

Yes, however, the person collecting the costume must have a signed letter authorizing them to collect the costume as well as a copy of your ID. This letter can also be sent via e-mail to ......

When do I collect my costume? 

Costume distribution schedule will be emailed, posted to our website and on our social media channels.


Where does the band meet? 

An assembly point  and time will be determined and communicated to you by email, posted on our website and our social media channels


What time does the band depart from the meeting point? An assembly point  and time will be determined and communicated to you by email, posted on our website and our social media channels


Are kids allowed to participate in the parade? 

Unfortunately we don't have a kid's section on our band


Can I change my costume options? Or is my costume transferable?  

All Triniconnection costumes are personalized. Once your registration is complete the following will apply: NO exchanging costume options or sections; NO returns and no refunds; NO change of measurements or sizes; NO transfering costume/package



I am interested in providing a service / becoming a sponsor of

Triniconnection– who do I contact?

Please contact us via e-mail to



  • Wear your most comfortable pair shoes during the parade. You wouldn’t want sore feet to stand in the way of having a good time.

  • Go all out with accessories and make up because it’s Carnival time! It is never too much

  • Remember to keep hydrated, drink lots of water and eat well before and during the parade. Drink responsible *Lunch will be provided before the parade*

  • Keep the Triniconncetion spirit all day. We bring love and vibes in a fun and safe way.

  • Respect each other.

  • Be on time at the truck to have the full experience

  • If there are any issues with masqueraders or onlookers, please alert the security



  • Do not forget your wristband, because that is your entrance to the band.

  • Don’t bring valuable items to the parade. We do not have a locker or a storage place.

*We will have a box where you can store small items at your own risk*

  • Please know your limit! Drink responsibly.

  • Don’t invite non Triniconnextion masqueraders to join the band.

Refund policy


In light of the recent developments around COVID-19 Trinidad Connection & Friends, please note that there is no change to the no-refund policy on all costumes and payments.


Trinidad Connection & Friends has a no-refund policy on payments for all costume packages. In the event of cancellation of the parade, all orders will be completed and ready for distribution on the set pick-up date in July 2022. It will be your responsibility to collect your order in Rotterdam. If you cannot make it on the designated pick-up date, please let us know at least 24 hours beforehand.


By registering with Trinidad Connection & Friends you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not accept these Terms and Conditions then you may not participate in the carnival with Trinidad Connection & Friends. In these terms “we”, “us”, “our” or “Trinidad Connection & Friends” refers to Trinidad Connection & Friends and “you” and “your” refers to you as a participant in the Trinidad Connection & Friends mas band. We may modify these terms, for any reason at any time, by posting a new version on our website; these changes do not affect rights and obligations that arose prior to such changes. Your continued use of our website or any of our goods or services following the posting of modified terms will be subject to the terms in effect at the time of your use. Please review these terms periodically for changes. If you object to any provision of these terms or any subsequent modifications to these terms or become dissatisfied with our website, goods or services in any way, your only recourse is to immediately terminate use of our website, goods or services. 

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