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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before registering with Triniconnection. By registering with Triniconnection you agree and are bound by these Terms and Conditions.


If we use “we”, “us”, “our”, “Triniconnection” in these terms it refers to Triniconnection carnival band and “you” and “your” refers to you as a participant in the Triniconnection carnival mas band.


We may modify these Terms, for any reason at any time, by posting a new version on Our Website; these changes do not affect rights and obligations that arose prior to such changes. Your continued use of our Website or any of our goods or services following the posting of modified Terms will be subject to the Terms in effect at the time of your use. Please review these Terms periodically for changes.


A registration form with all details is to be completed at the beginning of the registration process. Registration is only successful once the relevant deposit amount has been received. If a deposit is not made and an email confirmation has not been received your registration was not successful. Please contact us immediately to ensure that your costume package is secured.

Carnival costumes are made to the given measurements. Please note that once you have completed registration the following will apply:
• NO exchanging costume options or changing sections
• NO returns and no refunds
• NO changing of measurements or sizes
• NO transferring costume package



The following payment options are possible;

  • A single full payment

  • Two installments, including the deposit

  • Three installments, including the deposit


The deadlines for full payment of your remaining balance are as follows:


First installment – upon registration

Second installment before .....

Third and last installment –  installment due before July 1st 2022 


*If you have registered with a discount offer other payment conditions apply.


Costume Distribution

A schedule for costume distribution will be published on our website, through our social media channels and by email. After the final date for distribution, all uncollected costumes will be forfeited and will become property of Triniconnection. Any associated payments with said costume package is therefore also be forfeited.


We ask you to please adhere to the following rules to ensure a hassle free pick up.

  • Ensure that your package has been paid for in full. We are unable to receive payment at mas camp during distribution

  • Costume packages must be collected by the person named in the order or by an assigned representative.

  • Make sure you have received your “Paid In Full Confirmation” Collection Letter by 1 July 2020, If you have not received this please contact us immediately. It is not possible to collect your costume or package without this document.

  • Please have a valid photo identification ( no copies) at the Costume distribution. We will not issue your package without a valid form of photo identification.

  • An assigned representative can collect your costume on your behalf but will require the following information:

  • A signed letter stating that you give the person in question authority to collect your costume

  • A copy of the costume confirmation, this can be a paper or digital document.

  • A copy of your photo ID and ID of the person collecting the costume package. This can be paper or digital document.

  • Without the above mentioned documentations, we will not be able to overhand any costumes packages.

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